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​​​​Spruced Huis is a creative design company co-owned by Heidi Wilk and Maren Coltvet, located in Stillwater, Minnesota.  What makes this dynamic duo better than the rest?  They are both knowledgeable and highly skilled in their respective fields, they focus on great service, and their team of experienced contractors are professional and efficient with their time and yours.  They make it convenient for you to come to one place for both your indoor and outdoor design/build needs.

A Bit of History:

We began as neighbors and friends who shared a passion for design.  Both  of us are devoted mothers who took time to raise our children but knew the time was right to get back to work.  Our entrepreneurial spirits fueled our drive to begin this business together in 2013.        

Spruced Who?  

It was important to us, when we were exploring a name for our company, to come up with something that described both pieces of our business and it needed to be easy to remember.  Spruced means to improve or make better.  It is also a very useful evergreen used in the MN landscape that offers year round interest.  Huis, is Scandanavian for House.  Spruced Huis is a design firm that improves homes from the inside out!  

About Us

Heidi Wilk & Maren Coltvet

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